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Arranging a Funeral

First Steps when Arranging a Funeral

When someone dies, it is a distressing time without the extra burden of having to worry what you need to do. Simply call us on our 24 hour telephone numbers and we will take care of everything for you.

If someone has died at home, call us and our 24 hour call out team will take your loved one into our care. One of our funeral directors will be in contact soon afterwards to guide you through the arrangement of the funeral.

If your loved one had a funeral plan, it would be useful if you are able to have any documentation to hand for when the funeral director comes to make the funeral arrangements.

The funeral director will help you to decide what type of funeral you require. We will help you accommodate the wishes of yourself, your family and your loved one whilst ensuring what you choose is affordable.

Funeral Directors

Today the world is a poorer place
And we wonder how we will fill the space
But memories of joy and laughter
Can help lighten the dark days forever after

Please see a copy of our brochure which gives more detailed information about arranging a funeral

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