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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly received questions. If you do have a question that isn’t answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our services.

The place your loved one passed away determines how soon we can bring them into our care. If they pass away at home or in a care home we aim to be there within one hour depending on the location. If the death takes place in a hospital or a hospice we will then have to wait for the relevant documentation before we can bring them into our care.

Not necessarily. It is sometimes extremely useful, but also invasive, and we only suggest this option when a deceased will be resting for some time, repatriated overseas or if the coffin is to remain open during a church service. We will only embalm someone with a very good reason, and will always seek your permission.

Yes, going forward with the changes happening in the Funeral industry, we welcome families to be more involved in all aspects of their loved ones final farewell.

You may place personal items in the coffin. For a burial there are generally no restrictions. However for a cremation, there are some restrictions. Things you can’t put in a coffin for cremation include:

  • Items with batteries: mobile phones or e-cigarettes
  • Bottles or jars made of glass or plastic
  • Combustible materials such as alcohol or lighters

If in doubt, ask your funeral director and they can advise you.

No. It’s becoming more common that people are moving away from the traditional funeral service and using Humanists or Celebrants. It is entirely up to yourself which type of service you choose. During the arrangements your funeral director will discuss the different ceremonies and find the one you think best suits your loved one.

Yes, family members can carry the coffin. On the day of the funeral, our experienced staff will always be on hand to guide you smoothly through this process so you can do it gracefully and confidently.

We aim to have the cremated remains back with us in 2 working days. Once they are in our care we will contact you to arrange collection.

You can see your loved one as soon as they are safely in our care, but we suggest waiting until preparation has been carried out and your loved one is resting comfortably in our chapel. You are welcome to visit as many times as you wish.

Most of the time this is possible and we do our best to book your desired date and time. However during busier periods sometimes we have to work around the availability of the crematoriums, cemeteries and officiants.

Yes, We have arranged many funerals where children have been part of the service. This includes things like walking in front of the funeral cortege or reading a poem during the service.

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