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Our Free Service to Record Your Funeral Wishes

As funeral directors, one of the issues we see regularly which causes distress amongst the bereaved is that they don’t know what the funeral wishes of their loved one were. More often than not, this is because no one likes talking about death and least of all, their own.

To address this problem, we are now offering a totally free service where we help you to decide the type of funeral that you wish for including your personal wishes which are so often not known to those left behind. You may use this service to plan the details of your own funeral or that of someone close to you.

You will meet with us where we will take you through the various funeral options available and help you to decide the personal touches that you would like to include. We will then record all of your wishes and provide you with a copy allowing you to keep your wishes in a safe place so that those left behind know exactly what your funeral wishes are.

This service is totally free of charge. You have absolutely no obligation to purchase anything from us and you are still free to choose a funeral director of your choice.

To arrange for an appointment for this free service, please give us a call or send us an email:

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Today the world is a poorer place
And we wonder how we will fill the space
But memories of joy and laughter
Can help lighten the dark days forever after

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