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Funeral Without a Ceremony Plan

Funeral Without a Ceremony Plan

Price £1544 (Cremation Only)

Funeral without a Ceremony Plan Detailed Breakdown

What is Included:

  • Collection of the deceased from a location within 25 miles of one of our funeral homes. We do not charge extra for collection outside of normal office hours. If the deceased is further afield in the UK or abroad, we can quote accordingly
  • All necessary work to arrange the collection of the deceased, arrangement of the cremation and return of ashes
  • Provision of a simple wood coffin with handles and nameplate suitable for cremation
  • Cremation at a crematorium of our choice. We use a reputable crematorium that specialises in cremations from across the UK at a competitive price in order to keep the cost of this funeral choice to a minimum. Should you wish to specify a particular crematorium, there will be an additional charge based upon the extra cost for your chosen crematorium
  • Statutory doctor’s fee required by law for all cremations
  • Return of ashes from the crematorium for collection from our funeral home
  • Golden Charter plan administration fee

What is Not Included:

  • Choice of date/time of the cremation
  • This Funeral Plan does not include a ceremony and therefore no one is able to attend the cremation
  • Hearse – the deceased will be conveyed to the crematorium in a private ambulance
  • Limousines – because this is an unattended funeral, there are no limousines included
  • Obituary in the local press
  • Floral tributes
  • An urn is not included. The ashes will be returned to you in the receptacle provided by the crematorium which may be a box or plastic container. We have a choice of cremation urns and scatter tubes to purchase for an extra charge